Steely-Eyed Missile Man

My favorite guy in all of NASA history is someone you've likely never heard of - John Aaron, the engineer they called the "Steely-Eyed Missile Man." I've been crazy about the space program since I was a kid, but oddly it has never been the astronauts that captured my fancy. I love the guys like... Continue Reading →

Erwin Schrödinger, Cat Killer

Schrodinger was a sick puppy. If you really look at his experiment, it's very disturbing. In fact, if you stop to look at it in detail, you'll find a number of things that the common public gets wrong about it. 1. That cat's gonna die. There's no getting around it, the cat is going to... Continue Reading →

Subliminal Advertising

The thing you should know about subliminal advertising is ... absolutely nothing. Why waste brain cells on something that doesn't exist? And, unlike other silly sciences like, say, alchemy, nobody ever seriously thought it did exist. Why do we all talk about it, then? Advertising. The whole concept was a Hail Mary move by a... Continue Reading →

Astronauts are Boring

Astronauts are boring. There, I said it. The real reason that nobody cares about the space program these days isn't just the lame-sounding studies they are always doing; it's that we no longer have people to root for. Back in the 60s you had the Right Stuff team, the boys of legend, the guys we still... Continue Reading →

Chicks Don’t Synch

Another myth we need to stop spreading: Women who live together eventually have their menstrual cycles synch up. Of course they don't! Think about it. Have you ever lived with even two women who were perfectly aligned? If this myth were true, wouldn't we all have at least one instance of witnessing this happen? I'd... Continue Reading →

Weight Loss Through Geography

Turns out, I'm not overweight; Omaha is. Since I moved here, Omaha made the list of Top 25 Most Obese cities in America. Naturally, I attributed it to the fact that they find a way to shove bacon into everything here (Seriously -- ice cream sundaes, beer, cupcakes, salads -- it's insane!) ... but maybe... Continue Reading →

Why we lost Pluto

Eight planets. How annoying is that? It's as though the entire scientific community is conspiring to make us stupid by reversing everything we learned in grade school. Like most red-blooded Americans, I was upset when they demoted Pluto to "dwarf-planet" status. What did that even mean? And who cared about those other non-Disney-related dwarf planets... Continue Reading →

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