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The Rose Code

By Kate Quinn Halfway through this, I knew it was destined to be one of my favorite books. Even though I’ve read countless books about code breaking and cracking the Enigma, I learned much more through this book about the varied efforts of Bletchley Park. I can’t recall a story where deciphering codes carried so…

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Past Featured Books:

“His Ragged Company”

“His Ragged Company” – a Weird West story with a modern sense of humor. Read…

Casting Shadows

Book review – Casting Shadows by @grimwoodworld #paranormal #romance #historical

Heads You Lose

This recommendation is for my writer friends, particularly anyone considering collaborating on a novel. “Heads…

The Art of Crash Landing

A new entry in my “Books I Can’t Stop Talking About” Series: The Art of…

The Cats Are Bored

A new entry in my “Books I Can’t Stop Talking About” Series: Summertime, All the…

Best Books 2015

Whenever I read a book that I fall in love with, it becomes my goal…

The Dark Tower’s Beginnings

Steven King’s “Dark Tower” saga is everywhere these days. He’s published eight books in the…

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