Creative Passwords

Swordfish was never clever. Nor was "ABC123" or "LetMeIn." I've talked about the common pitfalls most people fall into when making passwords, and the need to keep just a few distinct passwords going at any time. Now let's talk about creativity. With the need for stronger passwords, we are now forced to use combinations of... Continue Reading →

4 Levels of Passwords

As an IT manager, I store other people's passwords the way a more social person might remember birthdays or phone numbers. This affords me a bit of notoriety as a computer genius whenever the people I work with forget their passwords and have to call me to help them log in once again. Truthfully, though,... Continue Reading →

Password Studies

I collect passwords. After 20-some years in IT, I am fascinated by the passwords people choose. Contrary to most mystery novels who use this device, people almost never have the password written on their desk. But if you know a few details about them, it's not a leap to figure out what they've used. A... Continue Reading →

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