Loving the Enigma

It's not like I'm pro-Nazi, please understand, but I am an unabashed supporter of their Enigma machine. It should have worked. It would have been infallible, if only ... The Enigma was their name for the message-encoding device that they created, and it was a cryptographer's dream - slick, fast, and mesmerizingly complex. Anyone who... Continue Reading →

The Banana Blight

Hey, remember when that botanical pandemic wiped out all the world's bananas back in the 1950s? Neither do I, but apparently it happened. Without any of us realizing it, the world's banana crops were killed off by a fungus known as Panama Disease. Killed like the dodo birds. Utterly extinct. Seriously. So how are we... Continue Reading →

Digital Languages

I like to tell people that I'm semi-fluent in several languages (Hang on, don't be too impressed - the sentence isn't finished yet), if you count computer codes. I lost you there, didn't I? I've never been able to convince anyone that "speaking" a computer language is the same as any other. My Spanish IV... Continue Reading →

The Electric Donut

Long after all the other 80s phrases (your "gag me"s, your "tubular"s) have faded from my vernacular, there is one innately 80s saying that I still try to inject into conversation: "I've got my quarter up." Guys within 5 years above or below my age will give me a sly grin of recognition; from everyone... Continue Reading →

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