Dot-Matrix Fortunetelling

When I was in junior high, my school unveiled this state-of-the-art program to help us determine what career paths we were suited for. This being the mid-80s, what they gave us was an MS-DOS program that asked 50 questions, each of which we had to answer on a scale of 1-5. Bo-ring! We all dreaded... Continue Reading →

Gangstas of the 16th Century

In the contest for "Most Baller Astronomer," I present for your consideration: Tycho Brahe. Man, this cat was the Charlie Sheen of The Renaissance! You've never heard of him? That's not surprising. Most people know Johannes Kepler, who proved via mathematics that the sun was at the center of our galaxy, rather than everything revolving... Continue Reading →

The Darkest Ages

My third grade social studies book went out of its way to explain that, "Contrary to its name, the Dark Ages were no darker than what we see today." Even as a 10-year-old, this seemed like a stupid thing to tell a kid. Who would ever have gotten in to their heads that the world... Continue Reading →

Creative Passwords

Swordfish was never clever. Nor was "ABC123" or "LetMeIn." I've talked about the common pitfalls most people fall into when making passwords, and the need to keep just a few distinct passwords going at any time. Now let's talk about creativity. With the need for stronger passwords, we are now forced to use combinations of... Continue Reading →

Chicks Don’t Synch

Another myth we need to stop spreading: Women who live together eventually have their menstrual cycles synch up. Of course they don't! Think about it. Have you ever lived with even two women who were perfectly aligned? If this myth were true, wouldn't we all have at least one instance of witnessing this happen? I'd... Continue Reading →

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