Spam Prank

I live for April Fool's Day. I make a vow each and every year to find a new way to mess with my coworkers. Sometimes it's way too easy. This isn't strictly an April Fool's prank, but I thought I'd share it. Remember how I told you not to trust IT people? I've known some... Continue Reading →

4 Levels of Passwords

As an IT manager, I store other people's passwords the way a more social person might remember birthdays or phone numbers. This affords me a bit of notoriety as a computer genius whenever the people I work with forget their passwords and have to call me to help them log in once again. Truthfully, though,... Continue Reading →

Password Studies

I collect passwords. After 20-some years in IT, I am fascinated by the passwords people choose. Contrary to most mystery novels who use this device, people almost never have the password written on their desk. But if you know a few details about them, it's not a leap to figure out what they've used. A... Continue Reading →

When Yahoo! Began

This is one of those sentences that makes me sound like an old geezer, but ... Back in my day, Yahoo! was only a few dozen pages. Yep, back in the mid-90s there was no Google, no Bing. Before they came around, Yahoo! and AOL were the starting point for anything on the internet. And... Continue Reading →

Weight Loss Through Geography

Turns out, I'm not overweight; Omaha is. Since I moved here, Omaha made the list of Top 25 Most Obese cities in America. Naturally, I attributed it to the fact that they find a way to shove bacon into everything here (Seriously -- ice cream sundaes, beer, cupcakes, salads -- it's insane!) ... but maybe... Continue Reading →

Why we lost Pluto

Eight planets. How annoying is that? It's as though the entire scientific community is conspiring to make us stupid by reversing everything we learned in grade school. Like most red-blooded Americans, I was upset when they demoted Pluto to "dwarf-planet" status. What did that even mean? And who cared about those other non-Disney-related dwarf planets... Continue Reading →

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